John Ross Memorial Church for Deaf People



Deaf Focus 2010 - 2011

F. O. C. U. S. = Fellowship of Christians Using Signs

Meetings:  2nd Friday of each month  at

Venue: Westwoodhill Evangelical Church.

Blenheim Avenue, East Kilbride, G75 9RT


Deaf Focus Contacts: 

Janet Nuttall     Text/Fax: 01355 - 222755  E-mail:

Katrina Fisher   E-mail:

Willie Dickson  Voice/Text. 01355-245161 E-mail:




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12th Nov


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14th Jan


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Where at?



East Kilbride


East Kilbride


East Kilbride



East Kilbride


East Kilbride


East Kilbride


East Kilbride


East Kilbride


East Kilbride









Church Flowers


You can bring your own flowers to church on Sundays to remember

special occasions.


Please let me know one week before the anniversary date. This will save us buying flowers from our own fund.  Thank you.


   Nancy Scott, Flower Convenor












Anyone wishing to be married please see the

Rev Richard Durno. Richard can marry couples any where  from Oban to Dumfries and Galloway and the islands off the west coast.













Prayers for Everyone

Let us pray for
















































































Do you have any spare coppers—1p and 2p and silvers 5p, 10p, 20p etc lying at home? The Deaf Church is always very happy to have your loose change for their funds. Fax or phone to the Church office and let us know or see the minister or any of the elders. If the money is too heavy for you to bring to the office let us know and we can collect from your home.

From January to December 2009 = £140.86

From January to December 2008 = £234.92p

Thank you to everyone who gave us coins in 2009 and for your wonderful support.

Margaret Griffen — Church Treasurer


Would you like to make a Will and leave your money to the Deaf Church?


If you are planning to write a Will (Legacy) leaving your money to your friends, love ones and to charities then you might like to think about leaving something to the deaf church.  Your Legacy will help the good work of John Ross Memorial Church for Deaf People to carry on into the future.


Would you like to receive help and advice on how to plan your Will? The Rev Richard Durno can meet and talk with you privately and confidentially and help arrange for you meet a lawyer.



Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to people who are like these children.”     Matthew (E.V.D.)

 · If you wish to have your child baptised then please contact the Rev Richard Durno


The Glasgow Hard of Hearing Club

Glasgow Deaf Centre, 100 Norfolk Street


RE-OPENS Monday 4th October 2010 at 1pm


Every Monday afternoon 1-3pm


New members are welcomed to join


Membership - £6 per year


Office Bearer:

President: Jack Griffin Vice President: Rev Richard Durno

Secretary/Treasurer: Elsie Miller DCS

Committee members: Isa Black,Marion Dunwoodie, Shiela Hall, Nancy Scottl